Vintage Leather Wallet-Style Case Cover for Blackberry Z10 (Free Screen Protector) - Brown

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Key Features
 Superbly designed Tuff-Luv hand-crafted phone case: brown for Z10
 Constructed of gloriously tactile genuine vintage leather
 Protect your device and cards (3 slots included) in a compact and convenient package with a bespoke fixed shell which securely holds your mobile inside the case
 Complete with card pockets, magnetic buckle and screen protector
 With money back guarantee and additionally, a lifetime manufacturer's warranty

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Tuff-Luv phone cases are designed and sourced to meet the high standards necessary to protect your BlackBerry mobile while remaining durable and stylish. We carefully consider all the functions your phone has to offer and ensure you have un-restricted access to them whilst adding strong protection, and a range of options which make your final decision all the more satisfying.

Tuff-Luv line of wallet cases offer a simple design with advanced functionality. Our brown genuine leather (Vintage Style) mobile phone wallet is a case with just enough pockets to carry the basics, and a shell for your Z10 which is securely fixed to the backing for security and peace of mind. We've included a secure clasp, and screen protector to provide an all-around protective and functional package you will enjoy for years to come. Be sure to read our T&Cs for relevant warranty details.

We require the same excellence you expect of high quality products. Our reputation for superior quality cases and accessories with outstanding variety is all made possible by our hardworking dedicated staff. We test, design and modify our range of cases and accessories constantly in order to continue to meet the high expectations of our customers. It's challenging and rewarding work, and we thank you for helping us maintain our high standards with your questions and comments.

Superb blackberry z10 case but......
Look & Feel
I got the case delivered on time and in excellent condition/packaging. The reason for buying this case was to help dismiss a design issue I had with a cheaper non branded similar case. The issue I had was when taking photos using the flash the photos tended to err on the yellow side like there was some kind of filter or distortion. At first I thought it was my way of taking pictures however I discovered that when the phone was used to take pictures out of the case the photos 'with flash', were fine. This brought me to conclude that there is a fundamental design fault with the camera/flash cut-out on the case.. it needs to be a lot bigger and shallower around the edges so there is no way that the lens or flash performance could possibly be impeded by the case/thickness of leather. Other than this very elementary design flaw it is a superb product. I will just have to take flash photography by taking the handset out of the case which is a major inconvenience.

Note from TL: We are limited to the size as we have to mirror the shell the phone sits in. If ther make the leather hole bigger - you will see the plastic shell from the outside of the case. Blackberry make their own shells and we use them... sorry!

Posted by wizardintheshire on 05/01/2014

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