Vintage Leather 'Embrace Plus' Case Cover & Stand for Sony Prs-T1 / T2 & Kobo Touch - Brown

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Key Features
 Embrace' book-style case handmade in genuine leather (Vintage Style): brown
 Includes a kick-stand to hold this case in portrait
 Recessed band which allows you to hold and read your Sony T1 & T2 / Kobo Touch / PocketBook one-handed
 Secure corner straps to keep your e-reader safe
 Compatible with our Tuff-Luv Spark light for night reading || This Tuff-Luv product qualifies for our lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship / materials - conditions apply

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  • Tuff-Luv Vintage Leather 'Embrace Plus' case cover & stand for Sony PRS-T1 / T2 & Kobo Touch - Brown
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This is the second revision of our "Embrace" design. This change includes a new kick-stand on the inside cover, which tucks discreetly into the soft interior cover. When you want to put it down, pull the leg out to stand your case up; when you're done, the subtle magnets will vanish it back into your case.

As in the original design you will find a recessed band allowing you to continue reading using just one hand, all the time keeping the controls perfectly in reach. Unlike other hand-held cases, which require you to stretch your hand over the back of the case, the Tuff-Luv Embrace Case supports a natural one-handed reading position, with easy access to page-turn controls on your device.

Our high quality genuine leather (Vintage Style) book-style case includes a secure harness to ensure your new Sony T1 & T2 / Kobo Touch / PocketBook stays where it belongs. You can have the peace of mind of knowing your e-reader is safe, while keeping complete access to all the controls and functions you need to use your device. Bumpy commute? Simply slip a finger through the hole in the strap for additional grip.

You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while reading, and never have to set it down to turn the page! The hand-band is aligned perfectly to keep you in reach of the controls, while maintaining a comfortable position.

Simple and tough to protect against all the bumps and scratches that the world has to offer. On the inside you will find a fine micro-fibre interior lining to give your device that extra care and attention it deserves.

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