MountCase Bike Kit Pro for iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus + Waterproof Rainguard (Mtb + Road Bike)

Key Features
  Shell can be removed from bike in seconds and used as a phone case, and / or attached to the car windscreen mount (bought separately - lookup Tigra MountCase Car Mount ) to act as a car GPS or added to our Tigra Armband (bought Separately) for
 Fully enclosed weatherproof ABS case with touch sensitive rainguard screen cover (suitable for light showers & heavy rain showers for a limited time)
 Can be mounted both vertical and horizontal should you desire / suitable for both road and rigorous mountain bike activity
 Includes: MountCase for , MountCase Bike Stem Cap, RainGuard for
 Camera, home button and touch screen buttons fully accessible / 1 year guarantee

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This is the best solution on the market for your . We believe the Stem is the best place to mount your device. Why? Because its central! Furthermore - you can set the angle!
Instead of a strap mount the Mount Case 2 Bike Kit Pro for the iPhone 6 is supplied with the stem cap mount. This places your Smartphone in the centre off your handle bars.

The Sprung auto lock will stop your device from moving in the bracket no matter how rough the terrain. An additional lock will take over once in place to stop any additional movement and add protection. The can also be removed in a few quick easy seconds using only one hand, jut pinch he two side buttons and lift. You can adjust the settings to suit your viewing to move the Phone by 90 degrees to landscape and portrait.

Most users always keep the Rain Guard on in case they get caught out by the weather. I've experiences heavy showers and rain any my iPhone was perfectly dry. Your phone's screen can also be operated through the Rain Guard and is fully responsive.

Whilst in the case alone our phone's screen will be protected if placed face down as the case edge it higher than the phone.

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