Bike Console For iPhone 6 / 6S Plus for Road and Mountain Bikes

Key Features
 Touch screen operable supports Touch ID
 Strong case and mounting bracket made of engineering plastics. Drop test from 2 metres on hard concert floor at multiple angles
 Can be mounted both Vertical and Horizontal should you desire / suitable for both road and Rigorous Mountain Bike activity
 New reinforced universal mounting bracket with Quick Release can fit bars/stems of ø20-45mm. New safety lock design, with additional lock screw, prevents case from falling out of bracket even under toughest road conditions and impacts 360 degrees rotation
 Camera, home button and touch screen buttons fully accessible / 1 year guarantee

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The super sleek and stylish BikeConsole for the iPhone 6 Plus allows you to attach your phone to your bike and use it on the go.

The BikeConsole comes in waterproof housing and silicon lining to protect your phone in the rain and against shock in case you decide to take your bike off road.

The universal bracket can be mounted on a bike handlebar or stem of any size and the quick release system allows you to take your phone off the bike in one swift movement. The mount also allows you to use the phones rear camera to record your trip!

Home and sleep/wake buttons operable
Cameras ready
Integrated headphone plug and external headphone jack that fits all headphones
Lightning charge port accessible

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