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Ipad Air Cases

Apple Launched its new range of iPad Air tablets in September 2013 showing great value, features, performance, usability and design! Headline improvements over the New / Retina version were the significantly thinner bezel (43%) and lighter device (28%). Furthermore, with the introduction of the new A7 chip, bringing full 64 bit processing, it’s going to have longer battery life. Apps will love this new high speed chip!

Compared to the hundreds of clone Android tablets on the market, this tablet is and has always been the King of the Castle… Unless you're one of the millions of Android fans, or simply can’t afford it!


Its smooth aluminium back feels cool in the hand, however, a potentially unforeseen consequence is that unless you have small fingers it makes it hard to hold the edges for any long period of time without incroaching on the screen. So we feel now more than ever, there is the need for a solid built rugged, fashionable high quality leather case!


There are many styles of cases and accessories for Air on the market. Ranging from Apple Smart Cases, gel, silicone, hard shells, imitation and genuine leather, rugged, slim, textile pouches and so on.

What’s the Best Case for You?

This all depends on your lifestyle and budget. We offer a diverse range, from high quality price-point cases, to our exclusive range of Vintage and Western Leather cases for the Air.

Premium Luxury Covers and Air Cases

Our patented Tri-Axis style cases have been popular since the launch of the original. We quickly saw the need for a good quality case with Multi-View stand functions and Tri-Axis rotating screen. We use only the best quality leather to style our premium range, including the Western Leather and Vintage Leather options.

We have also just recently launched a new premium brand to tick all the fashion and style boxes – Alston-Craig. With each case sporting a beautiful stripe internal lining, as well as rich premium outer leather, beautifully set with an metal authentic AC signant button. We’re confident these will sit alongside all the top designer cases and fashion labels such as Gucci covers and Louis Vuitton cases to name just a few!

Budget Air Cases

Low-price cases don’t need to be bad quality. We have launched a price sensitive essentials range that starts at a very reasonable £14.99. This comes with a screen protector as well! Build quality is excellent, and includes that all-important sleep magnet to keep your iPad in standby while not in use.

Screen Protection

iPad screen protectors are great value for money. Easy to wipe, and offer a bit of insurance against the odd bumps and scratches your screen may encounter.

Personalisation Service

Looking for a special Christmas, birthday, or anniversary present? Let us personalise your case for you. We can add a name, logo or both to a variety of our top-notch cases to make a gift that is both personal and thoughtful. Our personalised covers can be lazer engraved in a day and out to you in time for that special occasion.

Fashionably Functional Cases

As on many on-line market places, fashion cases are deemed to be anything other than a black case! We have moved on and offer a beautiful range of Floral, Hemp Textile, Oil-Cloth prints, and textile cases in canvas and hemp.

Best Cases

Tuff-Luv cases are the best cases for Air! Treat your to the best accessories available. We are so confident in the quality of our cases, that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials.

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