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Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 (2015)

Budget Luxury at its best

Here in the UK, we often have to wait... and wait... and wait some more for Kindle's latest offerings to hit our shores. This time, however it's definitely worth it, and here's why...

Big specs, small tablet

For the meager price of £230, you get a tablet that's worth several hundred more. With features like a 1.5ghz dual core OMAP processor, 8.9in screen at full HD 1080p (254ppi) resolution, and a generous-for-the-price 32GB internal storage capacity, this tablet has all of what you'd expect from much more expensive pieces of kit.

Heavyweight utility

It's a content-consuming device, like you'd expect from Amazon, and the 1.3MP camera offers enough for good quality video conferencing if you're into that. It's a bit on the heavy side, especially compared to luxury tablets like the iPad Mini, but as a lounge-about tablet, the build quality and features are excellent for the price.

Soft touch

The back is finished in soft-touch plastic that looks and feels the part. Some may bemoan the use of plastic on the back, but the Fire lacks the fragile feel of an iPad or Samsung tablet. A result of this is you don't mind tossing it about a bit. It's less like a precious object and more like a utility tablet.

Missing in action

To reach the price-point, GPS, NFC, and Wifi-Direct capabilities were sacrificed, and there's no expandable memory. It's not a huge deal considering the tablet is designed to consume Amazon's streaming services. 16, let alone 32GB will seem like excessive storage space in these conditions.

Use case for a case

Just because it's a budget tablet does not mean you will not want protection for it, however! This is why we offer a range of protective and functional cases that add convenience to your content consuming device. Grab a book-style Embrace case for a true to life ebook reading experience with added privacy, and take advantage of the inbuilt stands in this and our other cases to prop up your Kindle for a hands-free reading or watching experience.

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