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Amazon Kindle Fire 7" cases and covers

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A Book, or an eBook, That is the Question

The Amazon Kindle has been with us for some years now, but has seen various technology changes each improving on the last. The original kindle brought us the Keyboard and gave book lovers the chance to buy and carry a library with them wherever they went.

eInk screens gave the reader an amazing battery life that just keeps on getting better and better. Even though tablets may be gaining on the Kindle, you still can’t beat the Amazon Kindle. Perfect for commuting, lying on a beach, or just relaxing on the sofa, the Amazon Kindle will deliver the world’s library to your living room, all at the touch of your fingertips.

From the beginning the first generation Kindle, the Kindle DX, Kindle Touch and now the Kindle Paperwhite which offers a unique in-built light so you can read in the dark, without disturbing anyone with you, for when you can’t put down that latest novel whether it’s A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones, or Fifty Shades of Grey

Selling Style

So you love to read? If you have a Kindle you must, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to offer you a super range of Kindle cases. We’ve got loads of styles for men and women’s. Smart looking Vintage cases for the chap that likes a little quality and sophistication. Perhaps you love an element of that very British class and style? Then the vintage and Austin Craig ranges are for you?

For the lady that loves beautiful things we have a gorgeous fashionable collection of covers including; the classic polka dot and the retro chic Rockabetty and Secret Garden ranges.

If you want something a little simpler we have loads of colours available across, our hard wearing PU materials

What's Available

All of our Tuff-Luv eBook cases come with a lifetime guarantee to give you that extra layer of confidence that you’re spending your money wisely and not just on good looks. When you buy a Tuff-Luv Amazon Kindle case, you buy peace of mind that your eReader will be safe. Our cases will protect your favourite book from scratches, damages and scrapes. Even if you like to read in the bath we have just the thing for you, a waterproof case (just make sure you seal the bag first).

Our Slim book cases offer a simple folio style with a discreet pocket for notes, receipts and tickets making our cases perfect for your daily commute. If you want a little more check out our Embrace feature a simple hand-band which lets you easily grip your case, without holding on for dear life.

Personalization - Making It Unique to You.

Whether you want to personalise or engrave your case you can choose from any of our Genuine Leather cases. Pick from eight different fonts and our skilled technicians will engrave your message onto the case. The perfect way to make your case truly unique or a simple way to offer a truly thoughtful, whether for mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas or even a birthday, show someone that you care.

Fashionably Cool

Do you see yourself as a bit of a Bond? Then our Alston Craig and Vintage Leather ranges are just for you. Made from 100% genuine leather with added British suave our cases offer some truly unique English style.

For the fashionista and the diva in you, the Polka and Secret Garden ranges will have your friends looking enviously at you.

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