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Tablet Cases and Covers
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Tablet Cases and Covers

Why Buy a Case to Protect Your Tablet?

Well you paid for it! But there is more to it than that, it is when it is likely to be broken and the inconvenience and work involved in getting it replaced and reloaded with your chosen reading matter that make protecting your device that much more important. When will you drop it? While boarding the plane on your way off to a two week holiday of course. Get some Tuff-Luv protection and your tablet case comes with great style as standard.

Do They Get Damaged?

Unfortunately, yes – tablets are expensive, and easily damaged! Some estimates put the number as high as 25% per year of portable electronic devices broken, with the vast majority of problems being down to the device's own loving owner! Damage in transit is a key factor and this can happen even when devices are in cases if poor quality elastic fixing straps are used. Check out the Tuff-Luv device fixing mechanisms though, we use a range of different options from pouches, to secure elastic restraints.

How Do You Use Yours?

People use their tablets in different ways and Tuff-Luv have tablet covers designed to allow you to use the tablet – unrestricted – in the ways you want.

  • Type-view cases (2 stands)
  • Embrace Pro cases (multiple stand features)
  • Multi-View cases (up to 5 stand positions in landscape orientation)
  • Tri-Axis (as Multi-View, but stands in both portrait and landscape orientations)
  • Tri-Stand cases (hidden portrait and landscape stands inside the cover)

The Tuff-Luv Advantage

Our protective tablet cases come in a variety of materials from High end vintage leather, to Western suede style leather, faux leather, hemp and silicone. All cases are lined with a high end Nubuck finish.