Spark Clip-On Led Reading Light - Black

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Key Features
 Custom fit clip for e-readers to attach to your reader case
 Flexible neck ensures lighting direct to the page
 Our compact design means it can easily be put away when not in use
 The lamp includes a reflector cone, to increase brightness by 30%
 This light comes with three inexpensive batteries (up to 72 hours), to get you reading long into the night

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Our "Night Bright" LED light means you can keep reading your e-book 24-7. Have you ever been sat next to someone, either on a plane or lying in bed, when they've asked you to turn the light off so they can sleep? Now you don't have to!

If you like to finish your day reading in bed, this great little edition to your reader case will make sure you're not disturbing anyone. With over 72 hours of battery life, you'll have plenty of time alone with your favourite book.

You can position the flexible neck to ensure your page is lit up but shines away from others. Just clip your "Bright Light" onto your case and read away.

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