Solid Beech Wooden Paddle for Ginsanty Gin Tasting Sets

Key Features
  Solid Beech Wood Serving Tray
  compatible with any Ginsanity Gin tasting kit (Not included)
  Gin not included, must be purchased seperately
  Choose from one of our many Gin tasting kits as an add on

  • board and 4 gin kit 2
  • board and 4 gin kit 4
  • board and 4 gin kit 5
Want to host a professional Gin party, or just enjoy tasting new Gins?
This is the perfect accessory and all you need (well except for the gin itself!.
This Beautiful Solid Beech wooden paddle come with 4 places to hold tasting Miniature bottles - compatible with Ginsanity Gin tasting kits, with pre-cut holes to make sure they don't slip and slide, when you're carrying them.

An ideal party piece, but please drink responsibly.

What’s more, the Balloon Glasses are beautiful and its expected that all Gin Snobs drink from these!

All you need to do is fill each bottle with a different gin, to cover the Gin Flavour spectrum. Add some large ice into your glasses, add the Gin and smell, swirl and taste just a little.
Add your favourite tonic, just 1/2 bottle per each tester, or enough to suit your taste. Then add the correct Garnish. Share each one with your partner and see the world of gin open before you!

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