Radian 2.5D Tempered Tuff-Glass Zero Air Bubble for Huawei P10 - Clear

Key Features
  Oleophobic coated and chemically treated glass to be strong and resistant to scratches
  Anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge, anti-static, anti-scratch - just about resistant to everything!
  Ultra-thin yet extremely resilient to all normal uses and wear and tear
  High touch sensitivity - so no loss of device screen use for your Huawei P10
  100% transparency, perfect for your Huawei P10, zero air bubble on application

  • h5 65 1
  • h5 65 3
  • h5 65 5
  • h5 65 6
  • h5 65 8
  • h5 65 7
Tough as they come, this toughened glass is designed to mirror the contours of your . Resistant to just about everything within normal use this glass will protect the most vulnerable part of your phone... This is no flimsy screen protector; this is Tuff-Glass at its best.

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