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Sony Z3 Compact

Apart from the crowd

{With large-screen phone craze in full-swing with Apple joining the Phablet set, it's a bit of a breath of fresh air to see premium smartphone makers produce some alternative options for those of us not enamoured with pocket-bulging screen real-estate.

Small, but mighty

Sony brings what is probably the strongest contender for a premium high-power smartphone in a small package. It's not without some compromises, but it's also not something you'd regret buying, and even in the gargantuan face of it's rivals, the specs and speed of this phone are designed from the start to impress.

Built to impress

{The Z3 compact, as the name implies, is compact, but still manages to pack in a 720p screen with 319ppi, so fonts and interface elements look very smooth, and photos pop with extra detail. As large-format phone users, the temptation was to hold the z3 closer to the face to compensate, so it would be nice if it packed about a hundred or so more ppi for that purpose.

It's a mini-tank

{The corners are made of impact resistant plastic, which have a less premium feel, but combined with a waterproof chassis, it's built like a mini tank to withstand a great deal of punishment while keeping the form-factor thin and pleasant to use. It's reminiscent of some of Sony's walkman series hardware that is still popular with die-hard users, and those who want noise-canceling built-in to their device. Did we mention the Z3 has that too? It also supports their own 5-pin headphones for an ultra-premium hi-fi sound that they are famous for.

Ultra-portable pocket shooter

{The screen is bright and sharp at 450 nits and "Triluminous" technology. And videos look bright and colourful in full 4K video, and if you're shooting much of it, you'll definitely appreciate the expandable micro-sd memory card slot. The Z3 also sports the largest CMOS camera sensor on the market to date, which you would expect, since they make sensors in-house both for their own line of professional-grade cameras, as well as those of Nikon.


{Supporting the blazingly fast Android 4.4 interface is a full 2GB of RAM and a 2.5ghz processor, which are specs most companies reserve only for their large-format phones. The z3 compact also adds stamina mode for several days of battery life, and nearly an entire week of battery life in ultra stamina mode, which limits the features and data sync of the phone, turning most of the interface to greyscale. It's an interesting feature, and one that will no-doubt appeal to vacationers who want to get the most out of that battery without the need to be plugged in all the time.

Impressive cases for an impressive smartphone

{By a large margin, we are impressed with the Z3 compact, which is why we've dedicated a line of luxury vintage leather cases, and a variety of others to the mix. Those impact-resistant corners will really only get you so far, and we recommend taking advantage of the extra screen protection and storage afforded by our wallet cases.

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