An array of smart, clever and protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Range

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Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

What's comming our way

After the dust has settled from CES 2017 we're all ready and waiting for the lastest premium smartphone release tre Samsung Galaxy S8 it's big brother the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.  So far rumours would lead us to believe that Samsung will also skip MWC (Mobile World Congress) and that we can expect a release date of April 2017.

Inside the S8

We've all got high hopes for the S8, which will hopefully put the troubles of 2017 and the Galaxy Note behind Samsung have hinted that we can expect to see big changes in the size of the screen suggesting an even smaller bezel than on the S7 with possibly up to 99% screen-to-body ratio. 

Away from the screen we're hoping to see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chip, an ‘Edge’-style screen, and an improved camera.  However the most exciting change is looking to be a new fingerprint scanner, the FS9100 optical fingerprint sensor, enabling your prints to be read through tough mm thick screen.

A case to show off.

So once you're armed with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and ar ready to make th most of all it's great new features.  You'll need to seriously consider how you will cover it.  With a Tuff-Luv or Alston Craig case of coursee...  We have an amazing range of tough coveres designed to love and protect your device.  With us you can find the latest men's fashions combined with excelent intergrated technology to protect the security of your contacless cards.  

Many of our cases are made from a Genuine Vintage style leather, so you have all you need to carry your smarphone and look good also.