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Samsung Galaxy S7

Curve ball

So the rumor mill is in full swing, with some predicting a flat-screen version of the s7, and others predicting Sammy will likely bin the flat version all together following tremendous response to it's freaky curved screen phone. That would be a bold move away from Apple's playground. Can features make up for any misgivings about the curved screen being the only option? Let's have a look at the current supposed specs...


The s7 is presently rumored to come with a 5.2in diagonal screen at around 577ppi (resolution of 1440x2560) which is quad HD. That's right QUAD HD... on a phone! Whether this is at all useful to you will depend entirely on whether you want to use your phone as a VR headset, of course. Samsung's Gear VR in competition with headsets such as the Microsoft Halo, and of course the ubiquitous Occulus Rift. We were quite impressed with the accuracy and experience of the Gear VR headset phone-accesory, and more resolution would make it a less pixelated experience, especially since they absolutely refuse to get rid of their pentile (brike-like) alternating pixel screen configuration... for no apparent reason. At 577ppi, it probably shouldn't matter anymore, even under the magnification in the Gear VR II that will no doubt debut with the s7.

Under the hood, and over the top!

The extra resolution is not the only nice upgrade you'll get with the s7 apparently. A whopping 2.2ghz processor to push around that HD screen will also fly when displaying 20 megapixel pictures, for mind-blowing DSLR-like photos with RAW support to boot. If you're not a pro photographer, neither of these things may matter very much. Having a substitute super-camera in your pocket at all times has our in-house photography crew drooling a bit. Tip it off with a rumoured 4 GB or ram, and you've got a massive powerhouse that SHOULD be insta-fast and seamlessly smooth... right?

The new standard

Samsung may beat Apple to the new USB C port (Yes, it's on the New Macbook, but has not yet make it to iPhones as of this writing). This should be the last cable you'll need to change, as the age of proprietary charging cables comes to an end. This will be great news if you wnat to borrow your friend's cable to charge your phone. All that fast-charging tech is supported by the new standard, so we hope that other tech giants decide to follow suit and unify the smartphone charging community.

A force to be reckoned with

Apparently not done matching Apple's features though! With a new patent for "Clear Force", their answer to the recently implemented pressure-sensitive touching conventions, we should see the feature make it to Sammy's new flagship phones in the near future. Whether they can implement it in time should be interesting, as it's a mere month away from it's WMC announcement.

A case of pure envy

Whether they go with the curved screens or flat (or both), you can bet we'll have the latest in custom cases designed for your coveted premium built Galaxy phone. With our custom moulded shells, and unbeatable price for value, you will have both the variety of options and the functionality you demand to protect and enhance your sporting activities.

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