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Samsung S6 Edge

That curved screen makes a difference

When the new S6 Edge came out we were excited to see what Samsung would offer up to compete with new flagship phones from HTC, Apple, and LG. We were not at all surprised that having taken some design cues from Apple in regards to the thumb-scanner in the home button, this revision actually does not require the swipe that the previous generation did. We were also glad that the Edge was not as shockingly similar to the iPhone 6 as the regular s6 is (believe us, that curved screen makes a HUGE difference). The s6 Edge is exactly what you'll want to get to stave off everyone commenting on how much your Samsung phone looks like their iPhone.

Under the hood

Given up, is the Qualcomm processor in the s5 for it's own 8-core Exynos 7 Octa 7420. The device also supports it's 5.1" quad-HD display (2560x1440 at 577ppi) with that beefy 8 core processor, with a full 3GB of RAM, for all that advanced multitasking your iPhone-loving friends will envy.

Next-gen features today

Some other things to envy include an industry-first in-built wireless charging that works with both Qi and Powermat, so no matter which wireless charging tech you use, it's going to work fine (if you have 8+ hours to spend charging your phone, of course).

One heck of a shooter

The primary camera on the s6 is the same 16MP one as on the s5, and is capable of 4K video (3840 x 2160) at an impressive 30fps with slow-motion available at lower resolutions. A bit of a drawback is the lack of expandable memory, which would be extra useful with 4K video eating a whopping half a GB per minute. We also were tempted to mourn the swappable battery, which will require you to lug around a slow and inefficient charger while your s5 toting friends smirk and pull a fully charged slim battery from a pocket, purse or wallet. The camera is reachable faster by double-pressing the home button, which is a fantastic time-saver that had us grinning as we tried to outgun each other around the office for quick-draw camera shots.

Curved screen a gimick?

But enough on the specs, what will really turn heads is of-course, that curved screen. We have to say it's clearly the killer-feature on this phone for four reasons:

  • The curved edge makes the screen look bigger than the regular S6, even though the size is the same.
  • It has an infinity-pool effect that makes the phone look like it's full of glowing coloured liquid instead of electronics, and adds substantially to the magic effect.
  • Although not as curved as the Note 4 Edge screen, you can assign coloured flashing to show notifications from different sources. Pink for mom, blue for dad, snotty green for ex-girlfriend, etc.
  • It makes one-handed navigation much easier, and frankly feels wonderful to hold.

    Edgy designs from Tuff-Luv

    For this luxury phone, we wanted to ensure that we of-course left enough room to use the swipe functionality on both sides of the case, while keeping the screen protected, which is why our cases come with screen protection of various types to suit your needs. They range from Vintage Leather cases, to cheap and cheerful (though quality) shell cases.

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