An array of smart, clever and protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Are you ready to unpack your Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Android fans the world over are waiting for the new big boy on the block.  Come 9th Aug 2018 4pm BST we'll also been to know what Samsung will be packing into the Note 9.  The disaster and controversy around the Note 7, was well documented and a little hysterical in the media.  However since 2016 Samsung has made big changes to the spec of the Note 8.  Perhaps they will be getting themselves back up to their full spec weight with Note 9.  Although never forgetting lessons they learnt and the impact of the Note 7.


Getting under the hood / bonnet.

The Notes have all been tech titans so a bigger battery is a must, to power all that essential tech.  We expect the camera to include AI for better optimised photos depending what you're shooting.  The pen will likely receive some improvements to encourage Note fans to upgrade.  We're also expecting some new from the wearable’s side of the business in the form of a Galaxy Watch.  Wireless charging has now become standard on most A list phones, so it'll be reasonable to expect this also.


A case to show off.

The best android phone on the market will need the very best protection.  Genuine Leather wallets styled to suit a true Gentlemen and slim line shells to defend and protect whilst maintaining those sleek lines and stylish lines. Time again we know you love the ease of our Magnetic Wallet cases.  The detachable designs include a shell, which can easily be removed and replaced from the wallet.  So you'll just need to decide whether you want a classic Vintage Wallet from Tuff-Luv in either Brown or Black.  Or perhaps if you want a little more style you could choose from our Gentlemen's Pin-Stripe Cases from Alston Craig,


Making it personal.

Remember when you order any of our Genuine Leather products you can choose to have it engraved with your own personal message.  This can be done in only a few says and is handled by our in house experts.  You just need to tell us what text you would like to have added.