Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / 5 cases and covers

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Galaxy Note 4 Cases

Big difference

Say what you want about the size, no one seems fussed about how big their phones are these days, with Apple finally caving in to customer demand and following suit. The next generation of Samsung's Note series; the series that defined the "phablet" category is here, and it's arrived in style. Apple isn't the only one listening to their customers these days, as Samsung has finally upped their build quality by several orders of magnitude with a steel-rimmed design, and faux-leather back that is simply stunning to look at, and a pleasure to hold. Unlike the new s6 series, the device retains expandable memory and replaceable battery, which you will probably need if you're making all-day use of the stylus without access to a charger. This isn't to say that the battery life is poor though. Pitting the 4 against the iPhone 6 Plus, the extra battery life (3220mAh vs 2915mAh) certainly seemed to get us a few more hours of use, as you might expect, however your mileage may vary during internet browsing sessions where the iPhones Safari browser magically seems to eek out an extra hour and change over the Note 4. When the battery gets low, however the Ultra Power Saving mode saves the day with up to an entire day's worth of extra power at just 10% battery, so you will not miss important calls and texts while you are out and about. It does this using the Super AMOLED's RGBW properties to turn off the RGB channels, leaving the black and white W channel, that effectively turns off 75% of the screen, miraculously without losing brightness.

A notable upgrade

While the stylus may not be everyone's cup of tea, we found the added precision and ability to write, draw, and crop out images was more than enough to make it a useful extension, and holding down the pen button, and tapping three times on any screen (even the lock screen) brings up a post-it like widget for easy and quick jotting things down, which after having is something we definitely miss.

Pixels to spare

The 2560x1440 5.7 Quad HD pixel display has a mind-blowing 518 ppi (pixels per inch), and it's clear that they are serious about using your handset as a VR headset, as they have produced the Gear VR headset specifically for this device, so while a display of 518ppi may not look substantially different from one with 300ppi at the end of your wrist, it makes a lot of difference when it's held inches from your face, and viewed through magnifying lenses to create an immersive VR environment.

A suitable cover for your Note

Needless to say, there is a lot going on for this, the latest of Samsung's newest class-leading phablets, and you will want to keep that stainless steel rim looking top-shelf, which is why we have designed a wide variety of cases for your device, all of which include all-ports-accessible features, screen protection, and of course, an easy-access port for the sPen stylus, a staple productivity tool for those keen on using the new features.