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2.5D Toughened Tempered Privacy Glass for Apple iPhone Xs Max

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Key Features
point1Coated and chemically treated glass to be strong and resistant to scratches
Anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge, anti-static, anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-reflection - just about resistant to everything!
0.3mm 9H+ hardened glass surface - resistant to blows
High touch sensitivity - so no loss of device screen use. Not covered under lifetime warranty
Keep prying eyes off your iPhone Xs Max. Our Privacy Filter helps keep your confidential information private. Sixty degrees to either side will be darkened. Whether you're at work, in an open office, on public transport, or at a cafe, prying eyes from either side of your iPhone Xs Max will see a darkened screen.

Not only is your screen is protected from dirt and scratches, and enjoys reduced glare, reflections and fingerprints. Our new tempered glass screen protector is the best screen protection on the market.

It's Compatible with your iPhone Xs Max and it's resistant to just about everything within normal use ... and beyond. It is ultra-thin, yet extremely strong. It's made from specially processed tempered glass to protect the screens from scratches, knocks and drops. It's totally transparent, and does not diminish the touch sensitivity of the screen. Give your phone a fighting chance of the screen remaining in tact when you drop it.
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Grid Name2.5D Toughened Tempered Privacy Glass for Apple iPhone Xs Max
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