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Content Title: Apple iPhone X (10)


In the fall and autumn of 2017 we are waiting and expecting to see the latest in the long line of Apple iPhone's. However with the iPhone ready to celebrate its 10th Anniversary (technically it was June 29th). So for 2017 we're hoping for something a little special, something that will do a little more than be the next revision, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for something totally new.  


When can you buy it?

As of yet we still don't have a release date but historically it's early in the autumn giving time for the hype to max out for the Christmas holiday period. To keep yourself in the loop stay in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.


So with our Tech hats on, what can we hope for?

Let's thing big.... Well listening to the advice and rumours of the Web here's out hopes and expectations:

A new OLED display, possibly as big as 5.8"

Curved glass screen for a sleeker smoother design.

Better biometric security, perhaps Apple might ditch the Touch ID for an Iris recognition system.


Any of these updates would be welcome on top of the normal Apple offerings when the new phone is faster, more powerful, great storage. However the one that we all want to see is Wireless Charging. It's likely if we do see Wireless Charging it may be limited to the top end / High-Spec model. Regardless Apple might have to do some re-jigging with the internal hardware to avoid the inevitable issues of heat that are unavoidable with wireless charging. We're looking forward to seeing what the geniuses at Palo Alto come up with.


Protective cases and covers

When the iPhone X (10) is released we will have an extensive range of cases and covers for you to choose from. Our flag-ship Alston Craig Cases will be a certainty, as well as our classic Tuff-luv Vintage leather, as well as a host of armoured shells and slim scratch resistant covers. Our most popular covers are available in a multi-use wallet style, which looks stylish and is useful for holding your cash and cards. Style and sophistication is a certainty.


Added peace of mind

As well as helping to ensure your new cell phone looks smart, our iPhone X (10) phone covers will give you the added peace of mind that comes from knowing this technology is better protected from bumps and scrapes. Covered in one of our premium genuine leather covers, your phone will be much more resistant to potentially costly damage. Our genuine leather Tuff-Luv cases come with a lifetime guarantee too, meaning they will outlast your phone.


The personal touch

Whether you’re buying a smartphone case as a gift or as a treat for yourself, look out for our personalisation options. Our professionals can laser a message of your choosing onto your phone case to make it truly unique.


To check out the complete range for yourself, take a look around our website. Also, if you would like to know more about our collection, don’t hesitate to get in touch by Facebook, phone or email. Our friendly and dedicated team is on standby to answer any questions you might have.