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Apple iPhone SE

Aluminium is the new plastic?

The iPhone 5c, an infamous foray into the plastic budget phone market has undoubtedly been a hit with some users. We've seen these around London in and out of various cases, always looking just as colourful, just as iconic, yet... "unapologetically plastic", as Apple puts it.

Actions Speak Louder...

We don't need an apology, but they may be backpedaling in the form of an aluminium 6c which will likely be announced in March. This move would be a relief to most users if the pricetag remains about the same as the 6c's older plastic sibling. In fact, current rumours indicate that the 6c is rather a replacement for the soon obsolete 5s. (Update: According to new rumours and a possible leaked shell, it seems we may be going plastic once more, but strangely with the iP5 style chassis)

It's not the size that counts

At the rumored 4 inches diagonal, it's an interesting choice given the wild success of the 6 Plus. Though for the small phone buff, the new accompanying smaller chasis may tilt the market in the smaller phone direction. Around the office we love our huge displays, though. Can a small phone sway us? Would you buy an even smaller phone?

More power under the hood

We are expecting a boost in the battery a little in the iPSE to 1642 mah. That's not a huge boost, but with an ever more efficient processor (likely an A8, but hopefully the upcoming A9), we may finally shake off the "wall hugger" taunt that Samsung leveled at the competition's users in regards to having to sit by an electrical outlet just to make it through the day. We're hoping for a solid 2 days worth of battery to completely blow away Samsung's "all day" battery claims.

Storage: May I have some more?

A somewhat disappointing rumor is that the SE will feature 16GB of internal memory, which frankly was a major gripe about the phone. We would like to see the low internal memory problems go the way of the dinosaur in 2016. C'mon! Is internal memory really that expensive?

Touchy Subject

Another feature that's been discounted is the recently added Force Touch. That is to say, there will likely not be any. Those hoping for touch-ID though will be relieved to know that all signs indicate you'll be able to unlock your phone James Bond style, even with the cheapest of new iPs.

Our case

Come what may, we will enjoy the announcement, and despite the predicted shortcomings, the SE is sure to strike a chord with a large market segment. You can be sure we'll have new cases ready to order along with your SE to keep it protected, whether it's plastic or not. It's important that our cases securely fit the contours of your device, which is why we work tirelessly to design the best light-weight, affordable and stylish protection for your new essential Apple devices. After all, a scratch and dent free smartphone is a happy smartphone!

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