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This is the very first phone brought to us by the juggernaut that is There's a lot of hype surrounding this phone with its in-built Firefly technology and dynamic perspective. At launch this phone comes with a year's free use of Amazon Prime, but let's not forget this handset is up against some real heavyweights from the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC.

For now the Fire Phone is just being released in the USA, no doubt to make the most of the amazing selection of content and media. So will it blast away the competition just like the Kindle did? Well we will have to wait and see...

Killer Features / iPhone Killer?

Dynamic perspectives gives the user and phone a new level of interaction to share, which responds to how you would view, hold and move your cell phone. One-handed shortcuts such as peak, tilt, swivel and give access to menus and shortcuts, Firefly allows you to collect and takes on contact information with the simple press of a button. Email, telephone and web addresses and much more printed text can be collected and used without typing pieces of text. The 13MP camera comes with optical image stabilization, stunning 1080p video, plus free unlimited cloud storage.

Stunning 1080p video lets you capture all your latest adventures in in stunning HD. The dedicated camera button means no messing around, so you can launch the camera in seconds.

All these beautiful features means we think the Fire Phone deserves to be wrapped up in some stylish Tuff-Luv cases!

Style Sells!

Style and fashion sells! We all like fashionable phones, and this range for the Fire Phone comes in black, blue, green and brown.

What We Offer

Do you need a case? Of course you do, phones aren't just about making calls, they are a gateway to many different parts of our lives and need some serious protection. Tuff-Luv cases offer great protection against bangs, bumps, drops and broken screens, although only our waterproof bags can save you if you drop your Fire down the toilet or in your drink. We offer a great range of premium leather, to the high end Vintage leather wallets that our premium Alston Craig range offers – an ideal luxury gift.


We offer the professional personalisation service for our genuine leather cases. Why not let us laser your name or message into your? It will make a perfect gift or present for him or her for that special occasion like Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays or Christmas. It shows you would have put some thought into the gift.