Natural Hemp 'Embrace Plus' Case Cover & Stand for Kindle Touch / Paperwhite (Sleep Book) / 6" E-Ink - Black

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Key Features
 Tuff-Luv quality ereader case: black for Kindle 6" E-Ink / Paperwhite / Touch
 Made of natural hemp fiber, soft, textural and gorgeous to hold
 Convenient and simple Embrace Plus design, features landscape and portrait stands and a hand-strap which allows quick access to your media, ports and buttons all at once
 Features secure device harness, secure grip hand strap, vertical/portrait stand for reading and magnetic buckle
 Money back guarantee is included with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty (read our T&C for full details)

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  • Tuff-Luv Natural Hemp 'Embrace Plus' case cover & stand for Kindle Touch / Paperwhite (Sleep Book) / 6" E-Ink - Black
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Your eReader is your necessary escape; a quiet place in the bustle of daily life. We are proud to offer a reading experience for your Amazon eReader made of the best high-quality materials, unique features and superior device protection for a worry-free voyage into your choice literature.

With a simple understated exterior, this might be mistaken for your standard book-style tablet case, but hidden in the cover is a wealth of convenience to enhance your reading experience. Apart from the superior screen protection provided by the durable book-style cover, the Embrace Plus case offers a hidden portrait stand, for hands-free reading, and a secure hand-band to reduce fatigue in a natural position for a comfortable one-handed grip. This allows easy thumb-access to controls on your device and proves extra useful on bumpy commutes, with a convenient finger hole in the strap. While you immerse yourself in the experience, why not pick up a cup of tea or coffee while reading, and run your fingers over the supple tactile micro-fibre cloth interior lining that is as gentle on your fingertips as it is to your device.

We make cases and products for people. When we design, modify and source our wares, we hold usability and convenience as our top priorities. That's why we can provide better services, better products, at an affordable price. We are able to offer you a superior end-product that is more than just a case.

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