Natural Hemp Case Cover for Kobo Touch (Book Style) - 'Mocha' Brown

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Key Features
 Home grown natural hemp book-style case: "Mocha" brown
 Suitable for devices from 155 mm x 110 mm — 166 mm x 115 mm
 Full access to all the functions your Kobo Touch has to offer
 Available in a wide range of colours and styles - search "Tuff-Luv Touch" - and compatible with the Tuff-Luv Spark light for night reading
 This Tuff-Luv product qualifies for our lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship / materials – conditions apply

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  • Tuff-Luv Natural Hemp case cover for Kobo Touch (Book Style) - 'Mocha' Brown
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The natural look and feel of hemp is yours to enjoy in an exquisitely hand-crafted eReader case from Tuff-Luv. Complete with authentic embroidered patterns, which flow over the cover, it has the feel of a custom made case without the budget-breaking price tag. The cover gives your e-reader a pleasant book-like appearance and feel, designed to protect your Kobo Touch. As an answer to our luxury leather cases, this case is all the quality, plus animal friendly alternative to high-end eReader cases. It's simple, tough, and protects against all the bumps and scratches of your daily travels. We value quality and durability above all else, which is why we ensure this case is manufactured to include our Lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacturing.

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