Garmin 500 / 510 / 520

Garmin 500 / 510 / 520


Garmin 510 cases

We are cycling enthusiasts, so when we heard the new Garmin 510 was coming out, we were very excited to give it a spin!

We were hoping for some of the Edge 800's mapping features, but instead got what amounts to an Edge 500 with a bit more umph (both power and size) colour screen, and some killer smartphone connection features that replace (partially) the mapping features in the higher-end models.

Connecting to ANT+ and Bluetooth services on our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 test models around the office was seamless and pleasant, and made the overall experience far more premium than previous models.

After a short period of use, we decided this device is nearly perfect, except of course for the complete lack of protection from bumps and scratches!

We set about sourcing cases that allow access to all ports and, of course, leave the screen viewable at all times. Although the cycle mount is an optional accessory, we figured pretty much everyone who buys this device is going to spend most of their time using it on-bike, so we made sure the silicone in our cases were thick enough on the sides to afford protection from bumps while keeping the back open for quick mount/dismount, and plenty of spring for accidental drops while the device is detached.

Our test runs went quite well, and thus we are proud to present to you our line of cases for the Garmin 510. Happy cycling!