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DSLR Cases

Serious cases for serious photographers

Come rain or shine, we have the camera packs you need to carry along your DLSR cameras. From our small and trendy Rockabetty oil-cloth packs, to our professional full-capacity Expedition backbacks, there's something for everyone. Recent additions to the Tuff-Luv line of DLSR cases include the Expo-1 Water resistant packs, which feature splash-sealed zips, and water-shedding exterior materials.

Variety is the spice of life

Our cool, trendy Rockabetty shoulder camera bags are stylish as well as functional with real oil cloth fabric for photography with a sense of fun. For a minimalistic rugged case, our ZipnGo Telescopic case is one of the slimmest to be found, and if you just want a case for your spare lense, we even have a stand-alone DSLR lens holder that latches to any bag for unmatched expandable portability.

Gotta have the sink too!

For those who want a portable studio with an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink arrangement, our Large Shoulder Bags and Expedition Astra backpacks are sure to please. These quality bags fit most DLSR cameras including new models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, and more. All of our bags contain extra storage pockets, sized for SD cards, Lens filters, and many include extra features, such as water-shedding colapsable rain jackets, integrated lense cleaning microfibre cloth, and a variety of handy clips, and adjustable straps for some of the most versatile cases on the market. We even have moulded-shell cases for small-format DSLRs such as Sony NEX, Panasonic GF, and Fuji X.

Come have a look at our selection, and see why our customers return again and again to gear up for their next big adventure. If you didn't take a picture, it didn't happen!