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Tuesday, 9 January 2018 11:39:24 Europe/London

We all hate to imagine the worst, losing your phone, it's not just the device of course but it's the information it gives you access to. Nor forgetting the cost of it, phones aren't cheap, even some of the most standard smartphones might easily cost you several hundred to replace. That's why it's important to look to the future, to think how you can defend your phone against the worst. Firstly get yourself a glass screen protector, film screen protectors are a good way to avoid scratches, but if you want something that defend against drops, you really need to get a Tempered Glass one, these re-ieforced screen covers take the impact and distribute it. Mostly importantly the cab be removed and replaced easily, unlike your phone screen.

Next comes the proper cover, the best protection comes from great coverage. Keeping your phone in a Wallet style case is not only a great way to keep organised but it adds multiple layers of protection, which help lessen the impact.... Have a think on it, some simple accessories, can easily mean you won't be looking to change your phone any time soon. If you need something with total and quick access, check out our Magnetic Cases, this explains all.

Wallet Cases and Tempered Glass are the best way for total protection.

 Vintage Black WalletTempered Glass

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