Apple iPad Pro 9.7" / Air 2 cases and covers

iPad Pro 9.7

The iPad Pro 9.7, the smaller, lighter, and more portable successor to the huge original iPad Pro has arrived! Clearly a response to the criticism of the new mega-pad's size (seriously, it's enormous, if you haven't tried it, you need to). For those used to a bigger screen, this is going to feel a bit cramped, however due to the relatively short release period, we suspect it's meant to be more of an alternative iPad pro for those who favour portability over screen real-estate.

How does it measure up otherwise? Well, on the upside, it's got the same four-speaker array as the larger version, so your audio is going to sound great regardless of which way you hold the device, and it's only 6.1mm thin, as you'd expect of an iPad at this point, and perhaps most crucially, it works with the same Apple Pencil as does the 12in Pro.

Although the 9.7 has the same smart keyboard connector as its big brother, you'll probably want to opt for the smartkeyboard that's the 9.7in size. Apart from the new speakers and smart keyboard attachment on the side, the Pro 9.7 has the same chasis as the Air 2.

Proponents of Apple's colour schemes will appreciate that you have your choice of rose gold, gold and space grey in this iteration.

The price of the different models of the 9.7 vary greatly with what comes packaged, so expect to pay a premium price for more store (up to 256gigs, though!), and if you want 4G and real gps built in, you'll want the top-end models that weigh in at just under a grand.

All Pro 9.7s sport an Apple A9x CPU, with 2gigs of ram (a rather disappointing half of what the original Pro carries under the hood).

In our tests we didn't notice too much of a difference. This is partially due to the lack of applications that require that much memory, however we expect App developers to increase the maximum canvas size past what it was on the regular iPad… soonish? We're looking at you, Sketchbook!

The drawing experience did not suffer much from more cramped quarters, and fortunately, the 9.7 has become our favourite iPad to date.

Certainly it's worth protecting your investment, and with all Apple Devices, keeping it scratch and dent free is of crucial importance. This is why we offer a variety of protective cases to fit and protect your device, with enhancements (stands, pockets, and a holder for the Apple Pencil) which add benefit as well as insurance that your tablet will be protected during your journeys.