Samsung Galaxy S6 cases and covers

Samsung s6 Cases

Better build quality, ton of features

With a brand new (albeit clearly copied) design, Samsung has upped their build-quality in the S6 opting for metal and glass. It may be a disappointment to some that the battery is no-longer removable, and there is no way to expand the internal memory of the device. This is remedied somewhat by what amounts to pretty stellar battery life, partially due to the Super AMOLED screen, which allows various powersaving modes, including the now famous "Ultra Power Saving Mode" that extends standby battery life, not just to days, but *weeks* if fully charged, and a few days at just 15 percent. To do this, the phone turns off the RGB elements in the AMOLED pixels leaving only the W element (white), thereby effectively turning off 75% of the screen.

Background data sync and bluetooth are necessarily turned off to avoid the power drain, and the phone limits apps to a select few which are designed to use almost no power.

The camera has been upgraded substantially, with a marked increase in autofocus that might correspond to the power boost given by Samsung's 8-core 2.1Ghz processor

S6 specials from Tuff-Luv

For this premium smartphone we have a ton of case option, including vintage leatehr cases, luxury Alston Craig cases, and excelent combination shell cases for extra durability.