Vintage Leather Wallet

The iPhone 5 has caused a huge stir in the electronic world, due to its easy control, elegant design, and funky style. We at Tuff-Luv have a variety of different iPhone 5 cases that should fit perfectly into anyone's cool, unique style. They come in three different types.

The Spunky In-Genius
One of our most popular products is the In-Genius iPhone 5 case. This cute little guy is designed to keep all your essential items in one spot, including a pull-tab for instant access to cards and cash. Access your phone controls with the case cutaways. The In-Genius iPhone 5 case is small enough to fit in a pocket, or slide easily into a variety of different purses and bags. Many In-Genius cases allow you to pick personalized text, which lets you create whatever fun or funny message you want. Its tough “vintage” genuine leather comes with a screen protector designed to keep it safe.

The Classy Wallet
Hide your iPhone 5 from prying eyes with a iPhone 5 Wallet from Tuff-Luv. All our Wallets are designed to be nearly indistinguishable from a real wallet. Flip it open to get complete access to your screen at all times. Built-in slots give you a place to put your cash and cards, including your driver's license. An easy-to-install clip-on shell helps keep it safe from the elements, while also emphasizing its classy toughness. All Wallets come with a free choice of text and font etched on the side.

The Practical Shell
Our selection of light weight iPhone 5 shell cases are built to be tough, yet inexpensive. Each has an outer shell made from factory tested polycarbonate. Each Shell comes with its own unique motif, each designed to be appropriate for each iPhone 5. One of our most popular motif's is “graphic equalizer,” a motif that gives your shell a futuristic look. All shells come with an easy to install screen protector, that keeps your iPhone 5 free from scuffs, scratches, and stains.

Lifetime Guarantee
All our cases are built out of the highest quality leather, silicone, gel, and suede. They are built tough, and should last you a life time. All Tuff-Luv products come with a lifetime guarantee. If yours starts to fall apart, due to circumstances you haven't caused, just send it right back and we'll either give you your money back, or a new case.