Garmin Explore

For cycling and touring there are many options currently available from Garmin. Among those at the top is the Edge 1000, the much acclaimed cycling computer whose near complete set of high-end features is known across the globe. So when Garmin released the Explore 1000, it peaked our curiosity. What did so even more is the slightly lower pricetag.

So we were expecting some things added, some things taken away. In the added pile, there's the auto-reorienting screen that switches from landscape to portrait mode (probably for using the gps on a car dashboard), and the brand new incident detection system that utilises your nearby smartphone to automatically notify your next of kin if you ride into a ditch, or fall off a cliff.

In the things removed pile there's the lack of Live segments, personal training options, and connection to various ANT+ devices (though not all of them strangely). It's a bit of a mixed bag, but if the crash detection is something you're aching to have ,this is the only way to get it at the moment.

When you crash, or accidentally drop your Explore on the ground, you'll want the maximum protection for it, so it will indeed have a chance to notify your friends that you've taken a short trip over the handlebars, or just accidentally dropped your cycling computer. The included screen protector will keep your device looking new for the duration of its useful life.