Dude-Bag Digital Camera Case Cover in Red/Black (Size M)

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Key Features
 Fit all digital cameras up to a max of 115 mm x 65 mm x 35 mm
 Double Velcro strength strip to ensure your camera remains safe and rattle free
 Due to its design, it will secure all small cameras tightly up to the measurements given above
 Carabiner to clip your bag onto almost anything!
 Made from indestructible high performance accessory fabric with waterproof qualities || Adjustable Belt loop

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  • i-nique Dude-Bag digital camera case cover in Red/Black (Size: M)
  • cloth camera case red back 400x400 big 2
  • cloth camera case blue open detail 400x400 big 2 2
  • cloth camera case blue clip 400x400 big 2 2
  • cloth camera case blue branding 400x400 big 2 2
Our popular range of Dude Bag camera cases come in many sizes and colours.

So youre an amateur photographer, and need a reasonably price bag thats going to make you look good, and take better pictures... eerrhh perhaps not! The i-nique Dude Bag (can be a Dudette Bag as well!) is the perfect entry level photo bag for all digital cameras.

So who needs a big bag thats going to take up serious luggage space on your holiday anyway? Throw out all the paraphernalia that you don’t really need! Keep it small and compact, and get rid of the tag along nonsense that just gets in the way. Clip it onto your belt buckle so it doesnt even get classed as hand luggage when you check in for that long awaited holiday. Happy snappy!

This is not, nor do we claim it to be an official product of the brand that its designed to fit. All i-nique / Tuff-Luv cases are styled to our own designs and specifications.

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