Garmin Varia

An essential accessory to the garmin lineup of pro biking tools, adds a radar proximity sensor in the form of the Garmin Varia.

Working with your existing heads-up garmin device (the 1000 Edge in our testing), the Varia displays a series of dots to indicate vehicles approaching you from behind.

On the device itself are a serie sof indicator lights, which are more cosmetic than functional, though can offer a bit more visibility when cycling at night. The Varia mounts to the back of your saddle, and is small enough to not take up too much room, fitting easily alongside your under-saddle kits, and other accessories, reminding us of a pager when in the hand.

As a car approaches, more of the little dots on the screen appear as a warning, and then go back to an idle state when the car passes (if there are no other cars coming).

This gave us a lot of peace of mind on our ride, and kept us from having to use mirrors, or take eyes off the road. The display offers glanceability, and is compatible with most Garmin devices which support ANT+ and bluetooth.

If you're like us, you want protection for the device to prevent scratches and cracks from drops on hard surfaces. This is why we offer a range of stylish silicone covers, which are durable and thick enough to bounce harmlessly off of pavement, but thin enough to sleekly cover your Varia.