Garmin Approach G8

What's better than a buggy golfing app for your smartphone? How about a state-of-the-art dedicated device engineered by Garmin, to cater to your every need on the green?

Enter the Garmin Approach G8. With colour display, touch, and a wealth of features, it's easy to keep score, and post your personal bests to the internet.

Some notable features included the auto-course finder. Simpl power on the device, and Garmin's software locates you and draws you a map of the course you are standing on. It does this typically in under 30 seconds, which is impressive in and of itself.

Other impressive bits include connectivity to your smartphone via bluetooth, and the ability to upload your stats via Wifi network, so you don't have to carry a laptop or phone to save your data to the cloud.

The G8 features a micro USB port for charging and data transfer the old-fashioned way if you're into that sort of thing. The device comes with a USB cable, but no wall adapter, so you'll probably want to carry a 3rd party adapter, or external charger with you on those golfing excursions. With approximately 15 hours of juice, you'll likely not be too worried about finding a socket, however.

The one thing lacking in the kit is the universal bag adapter, which Garmin sells seperately, and clips onto the back to add a carabiner clip which you can latch to a bag strap, belt, or other loop. This seems like something that should be included in the kit.

Whether or not you put in for the extra clip, you'll be happy to note that all you need is one case from us, as all our silicone cases are designed to fit the G8 with and without the clip, so you get the ultimate in silicone protection technology, which prevents scratches and hard-surface impacts, in a bouncy and durable silicone package.