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Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers
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Bose Bluetooth Speakers

Among the most notable portable speakers on the market, the Soundlink Mini and Sound Dock III from Bose stand out from the crowd.

Mini speaker, mega sound!

The Soundlink Mini is an audio powerhouse in a very small and sleek unibody aluminum package. It's utterly astounding the sound quality that comes out of it (especially when placed in a corner to amplify bass). Weighing in at 1.5lbs it's not the lightest thing, and the sand-blasted metal exterior is very high quality, but does make it feel like a bit of a brick in the hand. It's really only a problem if you happen to drop it, however, and with the weight comes some serious sound.

Oh really?

Our lead designer is so taken by it, he now owns TWO of the device, and feeds them with a single (self built) custom audio cable through the audio cable port/jack located on the side, for a very rich and much wider stereo sound. The device itself sports a noticeable right and left channel separation, which makes it sound like a much larger portable boombox. remembers up to 6 devices.

The charging cradle is a nice touch, and allows easy docking/undocking without having the plug in the cable time and time again, and looks quite good sitting on a desk or home entertainment system. The cable also plugs directly into the side of the speaker, making this an optional accessory for portability sake.

Soundlink III

The big-brother of the Soundlink Mini has arrived with a much larger device footprint, three times the weight, and sound that's both 25% louder and better for outdoors than little bro. With the extra bulk comes double the playtime with 14 hours instead of 7 (mini), delivered by 4 transducers and 2 radiators. Indeed, this speaker is even larger than the previous Soundlink II, but the sound quality and extra battery capacity is definitely worth the upgrade, in our opinion.

The Soundlink III eschews the solid metal casing of the mini for a plastic top and bottom with aluminium grill wrapped around the center. The effect is not displeasing however, and it maintains a premium look. If one was in doubt about the quality, one need do no more than pair and play a hi-definition audio file to experience what a premium speaker sounds like, and true to it's name, the Soundlink III delivers warm sound with a depthy bass, natural smooth vocals, and plenty of detail. Though it doesn't quite have the bass-punch that the Mini has when up against a wall for reflection, it maintains a pleasing bass level when out in the open, which is noticeably better than the Mini in those situations. The sound stage is also larger than the Mini, but not as large as separate speakers, which you would expect. Compared to other popular speakers on the market, continues to impress us with portable and ultra-portable bluetooth speakers that maintain style and sophistication, and deliver loud, clear audio without the same distortion as other bass-focused speakers like the Beats Pill.

No USB charging? No problem!

Unfortunately the USB ports in the back are not for USB charging, so if you want to juice it up for another 7 hours of listening luxury, you'll have to bring along the charger.This is why both of our new line of Bose cases come with integrated cable-carry. For the Mini, you get a choice of Vintage faux leather fitted hard-shell and with hidden elastic cable-panel in the rear, and luxury tweed case with real leather zips and branding emboss, along with unique and stylish golden-brown plush interior. Our cases protect both your speaker as well as other items you are carrying. Especially with the Mini's rather sharp solid aluminum edges, you'dd want to keep them covered when toting them around with other delicate scratch-prone items like laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets.


All our bluetooth speaker cases include NFCiD user-programmable pairing tag, so if you have an Android or Windows Phone with NFC capabilities, you can tap-to-pair, automatically pairing your device with the speaker for easy sharing of music while you are at a party.

Apple late to the party?

Sorry iPhone 6 users, Apple's latest flagship doesn't let you read NFC tags yet. Hopefully the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 will remedy this with better NFC hardware. It's not a deal-breaker though. We are sure that iPhone users will enjoy and appreciate the premium look and protection of our hand-crafted cases.