Fruit E-Pen / Stylus for Touchscreen Devices - Black

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Key Features
 Lightweight black stylus which works on all touchscreens
 Black ink pen designed to take standard refill cartridges
 Comes with three inter changeable sized tips: small, medium or large
 Includes a handy clip so you can store it in your jacket and tablet case
 One year guarantee

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Our latest product is a handy stylus and pen combo. Made in black this lightweight stylus has a soft nub at the end for sensitive touchscreen interaction, from the other end you just need to twist the barrel to select black ink, so you can work in tandem whether on paper or on your touchscreen.

This surprisingly useful stylus / pen (with interchangeable cartridges) is small and discreet and can be kept near your touchscreen for instant use.

Ever been outside on a frosty morning, wrapped up in gloves and scarf against the cold? Then when you want to use your touchscreen you get no response as it won't react with your gloves. Using this handy stylus you, can sweep, select and swipe to your heart's content while keeping yourself warm the whole time.

Includes a handy clip so you can store it in your jacket and tablet case.

Convenient if you have an artistic streak too: you can pen your thoughts and ideas straight onto your touchscreen in an instant.

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