Kobo Glow HD

Competition is good

Kobo's latest e-reader heavyweight is the highest resolution to date, and is the only ereader currently competing directly with Amazon's ubiquitous Kindle Voyager ereader.

Bargain price, premium experience

All our favourite software staple features are there: reading stats, awards (reading achievements), dictionary, and support for ePub and Adobe DRMed PDFs. While you don't get quite the number of reading features or social integration as you do on the Voyager, the device weighs in at half the price of the Voyager for what amounts to a nearly identical reading experience.

Not quite as roomy

Deciding that expandable memory is so-last-year, the microSD card slot is gone, assuming all your reading needs will fit onto the 4GB internal memory and of course, Kobo's cloud. We can't say that we've been able to fill up a full 4GB of e reader space with ebooks, but certainly there are some who will miss the always-available advantage of having their entire Project Gutenberg collection at hand whether or not there is wifi around to collect it.

Not flashy, but that's a good thing

The build quality is about par for the course, with a rather mediocre look and feel that is neither premium, nor cheap looking. The rubberised backing with divots for grip is pleasant to the touch, but collects fingerprints like an overzealous forensics investigator. At the price-point, it's a grade or two above what you might expect.

Battle of the pixels (per inch)

The best thing about the device if you are upgrading is the high-res (300ppi) e-ink Carta screen which is notably zippier than previous models and looks snappier than the Voyager by a noticeable margin, with no fade/ghosting between page turns.

Tuff Protection, versatile styles

You can of-course keep the device virtually fingerprint and scratch free with one of our premium cases. We have a variety of top-shelf designs that will add a bit of personal flare and customisation to your reading experience, with a convenient hands-free stand built into our book-style models as well as a hand-strap that takes the strain out of holding the book for long periods of time.