At Tuff Luv, we have been designing and creating the best quality phone cases and covers for all types of electronic accessories for over seven years.  We are committed to offering top quality merchandise to protect your valuable electronics from smartphones, e-readers, mp3 players, and so much more.  We are responsible for the entire process of designing, sourcing, devephone cases and coversloping, and manufacturing each case we offer.  We stand true to all of our merchandise which is why every Tuff Luv phone case comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Simply The Best Phone Cases

Sure, we offer cases for e-readers, mp3 players, tablets, cameras, and more, but who doesn’t need a phone case these days?  With everyone toting around a pricey smartphone, you’d have to be mad to not want to protect yours.  However, phone covers are more about just protecting your phone, it’s a way to show off some personal style, and that’s why a Tuff Luv case is more than just a case. We offer over 20 different styles of phone cases including the popular wallet-style and Tuff Luv In-Genius options.  Our cases are available in over 35 colours and patterns from white, black, blue, grey, pink, and so many more.  We have cases made from over a dozen different materials from vintage style genuine leather, faux leather, silicone, meta, and even glass.  Only top quality materials are selected when we are creating a new case because we care about crafting a quality product.  Many of our cases also come with the ability to personalize them by adding your name or initials, or other special message.  You are certain to find something that you love with so many options for all of the top phones including the best iPhone 4 cases, iPhone 5 cases, Samsung Galaxy cases, HTC, Blackberry, and more. 


Built to Last

On average 25% of electronic devices are broken each year, the vast majority due to being dropped.  If you have ever accidentally dropped your phone only to watch it fall in slow motion and shatter the screen upon landing, you are definitely not alone.  Tuff Luv cases are built to last, and thoroughly tested for defects before launching.  We also offer a lifetime guarantee to give you the peace of mind that you are making a great choice when choosing Tuff Luv, and we will back up any design or manufacturing flaws in our cases.  Tuff Luv is truly the best choice for a unique and high quality phone case.