Vintage Black Leather

The iPhone 5 is a great phone. The network connection is fast and dependable and the phone itself is thin and sleek. While the thinness of the phone is great when it's in you pocket, it also causes the iPhone 5's biggest issue: the fragility of the screen. If you drop this phone even once, the screen is almost sure to shatter. And not just crack, completely, utterly, spider-web shatter. With some phones you can get by without buying a protective case, but this is not true for iPhone 5s. And if you have to spend the money to buy an case for your phone, wouldn't you rather go all out and buy one that is durable, dependable, and classy? That's want I thought

Tuff-Luv provides the best cases for iPhone 5s because they only use the best materials and care deeply about the quality of their product. They use many different materials for their case: plastic, aluminium, gel, fabric, but they don't do anything as well as leather. There are three styles of leather iPhone 5 cases and they are flip style, in-Genius style, and wallet style.

The flip style case is the sleekest leather case Tuff-Luv has for the iPhone 5. It is simply a leather back case that has a screen cover connected at the bottom that can be folded in front and in back of the phone.

The wallet style is the classiest style Tuff-Luv has for leather iPhone 5 cases. It folds like a bi-fold wallet with the right side holding your phone and the left side containing slits for your money, cards, identifications, and anything else you keep in your wallet. The wallet case contains four cards slits, a money pouch, and pen holder, along with being a strong, durable case for your iPhone five.

The In-Genius style case is a combination of the other two Tuff-Luv iPhone 5 cases. It flips like a flip style case, but instead of the screen cover being bare like on the flip, it contains slits for your money and cards. The In-Genius case only has three wallet slits, it is the best of both worlds, because it is sleek while also functioning as a wallet and a phone case.