Slim Black Gel Case iPhone5

Choosing the perfect iphone 5 case is a matter of personal taste. However, there are some things you should keep in mind while making your decision. All iphone 5 cases have the basic function of protecting it from damage. How you intend to use your iphone 5 should guide you in choosing the best iphone 5 case for you.

Iphone 5 cases come in a variety of styles and materials. Shell cases are a popular style that protect against physical damage. Shell cases are typically plastic or aluminum and provide a hard shell that protects your iphone 5 from scratches and keeps the touch screen from being damaged when dropped. The clip-on cases are slightly deeper than an iphone 5, keeping the screen from touching anything when placed or dropped facedown. The cases are also easy to keep clean by simply wiping them with a soft cloth. If your iphone 5 will be moved around and left on several different surfaces, a shell case would be a good choice. Shell cases also come in several different styles and colors, allowing you to personalize your iphone 5.

Other shell cases incorporate a hard outer covering with a softer, silicone gel layer. The silicone gel provides a cushion for your iphone 5, acting as a shock absorber if it is accidentally dropped. Combining a hard shell with a silicone gel layer not only protects your iPhone5 from scratches, but from the physical shock of dropping or hitting.

Other available cases offer more functionality. Leather and suede wallet style cases are also available that include slots for credit cards, driver’s licenses and cash. These cases combine your wallet with your phone case, allowing you to carry all of your important documents in one.

Water-resistant cases are available for those wishing to take their iphone 5 with them while being wherever they go. These cases completely cover you iphone 5 and protect them against water and the environment. These cases can be used when doing outdoor activities, poolside, or exercising.

The perfect iphone 5 case should make a statement about your personal style and protect it while your are doing everything you love to do. It may not be the best iphone 5 case for everyone, but it will be for you.