Cool Apple Iphone Purse Case With the increased popularity of the Smartphone and the fact that the devices are not exactly low cost, users must take extra precautions to protect them. Many people take out the insurance on the phone, while others believe that one of the iPhone 5 cases will cover them for most accidents. For those who are still on the fence on whether they need a case for their phone, here are a few reasons why a case is important.

The majority of Smartphone users live fairly busy lifestyles, whether they are students, housewives with kids to care for, or parents that have a great deal of responsibilities at their job. With all of this going on, it is easy to see a phone slip out of your hand and hit the floor, which usually means that something will get damaged. There are instances when the phone may be saved from serious damage by a carpet taking the majority of the impact, however, if that fall is on to a concrete floor or some other kind of solid structure, chances are that the screen will shatter, or some other kind of damage will take place.

An iPhone case is one way to cushion the impact and provide the phone with a fighting chance of survival. An iPhone case is also a tried and true method for protecting the device from scratches and possible dents. These instances may not be caused by you but could arise out of someone, other than yourself, (like a child) grabbing the phone and passing it on to you. The Device may not make it to the floor, but it might end up with a scratch without a iPhone case. As important as it is to the protection of your iPhone device, a case has other purposes to the user. These cases come in all styles and colors, leaving nothing to the imagination, in fact many iPhone users have been known to purchase more than one case, just so they can match with the clothes they wear. Some iPhone users may not want to use a case on their new phone, a fact they may end up regretting later on. These users may not be fully aware of all the different iphone 5 cases that are available to them, or they still have not seen anything that suits their style. The bottom line, if you want to protect your iPhone, use a case.