Garmin 800

Is it worth upgrading from the 705? We think so. It's been a while since we've seen features substantial enough added to the Garmin GPS line to warrant an outright upgrade, but we think you'll agree that given these features, it's time to elevate that cycle computer expereince to the next level. The 800 does this, and and much more…

Free map folks will naturally appreciate the inclusion of compatibility with Ordnance Survey mapping, the maps of which are available gratis to the public. However, though these maps are certainly adequate, we still recommend purchasing the Garmin Map packs, due to the higher level of cycling information bits Garmin has thoughtfully included.

For customisation freaks (like us), the 800 offers up to 10 items which can be swapped out for a complete heads-up display that only needs touching if you want to switch to map view. Speaking of which, we like the pressure sensitive touchscreen, which allows swiping information left and right, even while wearing cycling gloves!

We appreciate the extra level of refinement that has lead to a simplification of the interface, and the addition of being able to mark different routes on the map with different colours, and save the information which makes planning multiple trips very intuitive and pain free.

With an 18 hour battery life, it easily lasted us all week before needing a charge, and the addition of GPS over the 500 series is a welcome improvement. For a similar feature set at a lower pricepoint, sans gps, we still recommend the 500 as an excellent budget buy, however.

There's a lot to love about the 800, and you will want to keep it scratch free and in top condition, you'll want to grab one of our acclaimed durable silicone cases, which are form-fitting and thick enough to bounce off hard surfaces, deflecting the force of impact around the device with a satisfying thud. We have also included a screen protector for that extra bit of essential screen protection that makes our offering the complete package.