Fashion Bags and Cases


Reading a good book is the essential way to relax, but the last thing you want is a dreary case for your device. Why should your eReader case not also be a fashion accessory? We have cases for every individual with contrasting colours, retro patterns and quality fabrics, all with a couple of simple rules in mind…style and safety. Your device is always protected with the most fabulous style and colour in a TLC case.


We spend a lot of money on expensive devices, so why should protecting your device mean compromising your personal style?

So what kind of Tablet user are you? Do you Tweet whilst putting your make up on? Or do you watch the latest episode of Vampire diaries or Game of Thrones whilst grabbing some lunch? Whichever you are, you deserve to have a fashion forward case that can keep up with your busy life. Whether it’s the oil-cloth vintage ditsy flowers or jazzy Aztec…whatever statement piece takes your fancy!


Ok ladies, let’s be honest…your phone might as well be stuck to your hand. Between twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchats, we constantly have stuff to look at.

We txt and tweet at the speed of light and our style changes equally as fast – so why not combine it all into one cute little purse? If you’re getting off the train and writing a message and you need your travel-card at hand then TLC purses are what you need to keep it all together for you!