Meet Our Team

We are the people behind the name - the hands and minds that bring you the high-quality products and superb customer service that Tuff-Luv is famous for.

But who are we...

  South African by birth, he has lost none of that original fire. A smouldering flame of ingenuity, Ken is the mind behind Tuff-Luv, having raised the company over the years from a tender hatchling to a raging unstoppable leviathan of friendly customer service and quality home-grown UK products.
Ken Graham - 1 Ken Graham - 2
Age: Wouldn't you like to know, nosey.
Weight: 13 stone, 5 pebbles
Skills: Case development, administration, business
Likes: Meat covered in Nando's Sauce
Dislikes: Icecream covered in Nando's Sauce
Alias: The boss
Misc: The CEO of Tuff-Luv and host of Tuff-Luv Case Review, viewable on
Hitpoints: 80
Quote: "Build a bridge and get over it."

  From the North Americas, a figure in black. Composer of the visual styles of the Tuff-Luv logos, products, packages, websites, and adverts, his works span both physical, and digital planes. Despite the many vaccinations administered, he remains an incurable punster. To this day, it is said that if one listens closely in the silence, one can almost hear him chuckling at his desk.
Chris Rogers - 1 Chris Rogers - 2 Chris Rogers - 3
Age: 28 (again)
Weight: 13 stone, and a pocket full of rocks
Skills: Product design, graphic design, photography, animation, videography, programming, and bad jokes.
Likes: Computers, coffee, cameras, and the ladies (if you're an attractive barista at a scenic internet cafe, and are looking for a geek, please contact)
Dislikes: Nextel walkie-talkies... any consumer electronics with poor quality external speakers.
Alias: The White Cat
Misc: Recently voted most likely to implode by the Department of Unexplained Phenomena Expecters.
Hitpoints: -5 ("How can you kill that which has no life?" - South Park)
Quote: "BLACK is the new black."

  Grant the South African financial missile, processes, organizes and turns the disorderly daily tide of financial paperwork into an neat and tidy monstrous Goliath of book-keeping wizardry that is necessary to run Tuff-Luv. Sorry ladies, he's already taken!
Grant Stark - 1
Age: What's all this about age, then?
Weight: 12 stone, and some sand in his boots
Skills: Accounting, bookkeeping, jokes about pants
Likes: His wife, and probably other things.
Dislikes: Things that are universally considered horrible.
Alias: The G. Money, Supercalifragilisticexpialaccountant.
Misc: Works tirelessly to answer customer questions about the Tuff-Luv line of products.
Hitpoints: 45 (+5 to climb throws)
Quote: "It's absolutely ridiculous!"

  From the wind-swept slopes of the Philippines, his booming laughter can be heard resounding through misty halls of the downstairs stock room. Curator of the treasured Tuff-Luv line of products, Carlos ensures that shipments are received and shipped out with all speed and under the manliest possible circumstances.
Carlos Insua - 1
Age: Tell me yours first...
Weight: half a small boulder
Skills: Inventory management, engraving, and booming laughter.
Likes: A good joke, crushing things with bare (bear?) hands.
Dislikes: Noodley arms
Alias: The Stone Arm
Misc: Organizes, loads and ships the broad range of Tuff-Luv products to destinations throughout the world.
Hitpoints: 150 (+5 climb check) (+5 to dodge falling boxes)
Quote: "Oops.. stock is zero"

  Born in the desolate mountains of Kingston, Patrick is responsible for the fantastic customer service Tuff-Luv is famous for. His manly voice can be heard echoing from the sheer cliffs of his hometown, and over the phone whenever a customer is in need of help.
Patrick McGivern - 1
Age: 26
Weight: 14 stone and a couple golfballs
Skills: Multi-language friendly customer support, with a wicked swing on the Back Nine.
Likes: Golf, Football, PS3, Sunday Roast
Dislikes: Sunday Tuna, Rangers Football Club, Maths in Facebook status (Status+Maths=Stupid)
Alias: Paddy
Misc: Honourable mention in the 2002 Saskatchewan Olympics for cleverest hat/shoe combination.
Hitpoints: "a million")
Quote: "Spafe!"

  A shadowy figure steps forth from the London Fog. Database specialist and stunt-man James Murray takes the term "wow" to new levels of vagary. His integral role in the company has earned him nicknames that are widely renowned and often heard shouted across the office.
James Murray - 1
Age: 28
Weight: 11 stone and a rock in left shoe
Skills: Biting sarcasm, scripting, large/dangerous carnivore training.
Likes: Himself, Friday night cinema.
Dislikes: C.M.Rogers, things that aren't himself
Alias: The lead toffee, The Monsterously Unfortunate.
Misc: Recently named "Sexiest Man Alive" by an old woman pushing a shopping cart down the middle of the road.
Hitpoints: Punchscores?
Quote: "I don't want a quote. Don't put one for me."

  From native Ascot, wielding the mighty hammer of his vast, penetrating intellect, Tom is the diverse fellow who works in the stock room, and helps with customer service inquiries. A true renassance man, and secret agent (don't tell anyone, though. It's supposed to be a secret!).
Tom Coleing - 1
Age: 25
Weight: 10 stone and a brick
Skills: Packing, shipping, getting down with his bad self, yo.
Likes: Peanut M&Ms
Dislikes: Catagorization
Alias: Tom Tom
Misc: World record for juggling the most M&Ms while riding a unicycle, strapped to a bear.
Hitpoints: 30 (+5 to candy-coated checks)
Quote: "Whatever you do, don't missquote me."

  Born in the lost city of Frimley, Ross is our marketing powerhouse. The scope of his knowledge and experience is imaginable only by those that regularly imagine very large things.
Ross Owen - 1
Age: As young as you feel!
Weight: Think Kung-Fu Panda.... With increased awesomeness!
Skills: wicked market research with mad blogging skillz, and home-brew Tuff-Luv videos on YouTube.
Likes: The outdoors in general, and BBQs
Dislikes: Negativity
Alias: "The Marketing Department", but we're working on that
Hitpoints: 40 (+5 to blogging checks)
Quote: "BOOM!"

  Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Manuela is the gallant heroine of Tuff-Luv's sales division. Weilding the quick and clever sword of High Fashion and Intuition, she lends eye, ear and multi-lingual tongue to bring Tuff-Luv's outstanding array of essential products to the farthest reaches of the globe.
Age: Timeless
Weight: Hovers several centimeters above the pavement
Skills: Sales, Fashion Consulting, and coffee-less Tiramisu
Likes: Perez Hilton, Vogue, fur lining
Dislikes: Paris Hilton, Feet, chicken, chicken feet.
Alias: "Mella"
Misc: Won 3 Olympic gold medals for swimming, cycling, and javelin toss... in a poker match.
Hitpoints: 30 (+5 to cashing cheques)
Quote: "That is lush!"

  From dense jungles of Dublin, Laura is the soothing, friendly voice of Tuff-Luv's Customer service division. With hands forged of lightning, and voice like a gentle summer rain, she adds speed to the answering of queries, troubleshooting of problems, and issuing of replacements. Distressed customers need fear not, for Laura ensures the quick and direct customer service that Tuff-Luv is famous for.
Age: The perfect one
Weight: Light as a feather
Skills: Customer service, character development
Likes: Bunnies
Dislikes: Strong gusts of wind (see weight)
Alias: "Squidge"
Misc: Has worked in the film industry (10 years).
Hitpoints: 35 (+5 charisma)
Quote: "Everything, or nothing!"