The best ipad 3 case is the one that suits the manner in which you most use your ipad. Sometimes, your ipad is used for work and it takes a beating everyday. It gets much more than the usual wear and tear. For others, the ipad is simply a toy that really far beyond a coffee shop with free wifi. Therefore, depending on how much you use your ipad and what for, you need to choose a case that fits that particular purpose. If you're not sure which you need, think it through.

When you're looking for a new case and you use your ipad for work or you use it in situations where you're constantly on the go, you likely want a case that is little bit more sturdy. This is simply because you are taking your tablet everywhere, and you pick it up and set it down so many times that you can never be sure when or if it might be dropped or knocked down, etc. So, having a look for firmer cases that are designed with carbon fiber or some kind of molded plastic is your best bet.

If you use your tablet at a coffee shop or at home, but you're not someone who has their whole life on their tablet, you can probably afford to go with something that has a little bit of a softer shell. This also means you might be able to get something that is very simple and inexpensive.

Because your tablet was so expensive, you don't want to skimp on the price of a cover or case unless you are sure you don't need the case to be that substantial. When you're shopping, take a look at what materials the cases are made of before you decide to buy.

Stop looking at your local electronics store for the best ipad 3 case. You can get one online and for a very good price. You will be able to protect what is a substantial investment, and then you will be able to tote around your tablet in style every single day.