Own an iPhone 5? Or looking to buy one now that the price of the iPhone 5 is down to as low as $99? Well, Tuff-Luv has designed a spectacular new product so nifty every owner of an iPhone should own one! I know what some of you may be thinking, "come on it's just a phone case," but it's really so much more. Brilliant form and function in one sleek package—no need to remove your phone from the case to take photos since these cases provide complete access to all your phones’ functions. Tuff-Luv has several clever leather iPhone 5 case options in both gender neutral as well as ultra-girly designs.

Tough Enough For the Boys

The In-Genius and Wallet-style case covers are the greatest thing since the money clip for keeping all the essentials you’d carry with you everywhere in one convenient package. First of all, the tough leather exterior protects your phone and comes with a screen protector free of chard. Secondly, this slim-fit case molds to your phone and holds credit cards and money without the added bulk of a traditional style wallet. Finally, every case can be personalized in any of eight different fonts in a number of positions on this high-quality leather iPhone 5 case. The perfect gift for the guy who has everything!

Fashionable For the Girls

Perfect for someone like me who usually carries a big old mum wallet big enough to zip my phone into anyway, this is such a genius and quite fashionable replacement from Tuff-Luv. Going out dancing and don’t want to be weighed down, or just don’t like carrying a full-sized purse? Then you need this Tuff-Luv leather iPhone 5 purse-style case available in leather and adorable oilcloth print fabric. Similar to the wallet-style case designed for the gents only super cute! Still an innovative wallet-phone protector hybrid only you don’t want to hide this away in your bag, but show it off! Some designs even come with a wrist strap making it even easier to tote around than the clutch-style purse. A great ice breaker people will want to know where to get one, and the best part is so no more scrambling to answer your phone lost somewhere in the abyss of your old purse. These leather iPhone 5 cases are a great thing for the girl on the go.