The iPad tablet is a marvel of modern day technology. The lightweight versatile device is slim enough to cart around in a duffle bag and offers all the capabilities of a desktop computer. The iPad is a prized possession amongst consumers. It’s innovative. It’s gorgeous, and more importantly, it’s pricy. The convenient touch screen on the apple iPad 3 can access everything from television shows to navigation systems. Many apple owners keep their calendars and contact information in their iPads for easy access to their most pivotal information. There’s magic hiding behind that high resolution screen. Between the magic and the price, it is of the utmost importance to be sure that screen is adequately protected.

Not all ipad cases are created equal. Some are bulky. Some are cheaply made. Some are just not durable enough to withstand constant wear and tear. The problem is that with so many cases on the market, it might be difficult to tell the difference. Here are the top five best iPad 3 cases on the market, in order of their durability.

Number One: The Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case for $59.95

There are other fancier cases on the market, but when it comes to actual iPad protection, Gumdrop’s got it covered. This case sports a snap-on integrated screen with multiple layers of shock absorption. Every inch of the iPad is covered in rubber to withstand even the most brutal imaginable conditions an iPad might be exposed to. It also happens to be one of the most affordable cases on the market.

Number Two: Grove Bamboo Case starting at $159.00

If you happen to be searching for something fancy and a bit expensive, the Grove Bamboo case is entirely too appealing to pass up. This custom artistic cover is a handcrafted combination of leather wood and wool. Hand drilled grooves in the cover make all ports and cameras easily accessible without the need to remove the cover. This is what happens when eco friendly bamboo art meets modern innovative electronics.

Number Three: Speck Wander Folio Luxe for $129.95

This case is built for the business traveler. It’s made out of premium grain leather and comes complete with slots for your checkbook, credit cards, and business cards. It provides protection without bulking up the look of your iPad. It acts as a stand, a screen protector, and a wallet. Plus it matches nicely with a suit.

Number Four: Zaggfolio for $49.99

This is a combination case and keyboard. While it can be somewhat bulky, it offers full protection and a nifty iPad keyboard with Bluetooth compatibility. The price on this case just went down from $99.99 to $49.99, making it the most affordable option in a durable portable case.

Number Five: Griffin Survivor for $79.99
This case will virtually arm your iPad in shock resistant silicone in order to prevent accidents. It’s possible that your iPad could survive an atomic blast in the case. It’s a bit awkward to look at, but it will definitely ensure protection.

Those are the top five best iPad 3 cases currently on the market. Whether you’re seeking sleek and sophisticated, or charmingly artistic, one of those five should fit your fancy.