Great Leather iPad Mini Case

You’ve invested in an iPad mini, but not in a leather iPad mini case. The first few days, you carry your tablet to work, to dinner, even to your friends’ house, where you spend Friday evening chatting online while your significant other socializes with your friends. Every so often she glares at you from across the room, but you don’t notice. You’re checking email on your iPad mini.

Until a week later, when, as you’re climbing out of the car and trying to check email at the same time, you drop it. You watch as it clatters off the car door and smashes on the driveway. The protective cover from Apple does a fine job of protecting the screen from scratches, but it’s not much help now that the device lies broken on the pavement.

With the iPad mini broken, you have nothing left to do but face your significant other’s wrath. You don’t want to be that guy.

The good news is that you can avoid his fate. Here are three good reasons why you need a leather ipad mini case:

  1. It’s functional. Fold back the front cover, and the flap forms integrated kickstand to prop up the iPad mini at a perfect viewing angle for Facetime or for watching videos. Or, for one-handed reading, a recessed strap allows you to hold and read your iPad mini in one hand, without cramping your fingers.
  2. It’s safe. A thin plastic film can’t save your device when you drop it on the driveway, but a leather case boasts enough padding to protect it from harm—without adding too much bulk.
  3. It’s sexy.Straight from of the box, the iPad mini transfers its cool, stylish image to you. The only one way to look more hip is by wrapping your device in leather.

Come to think of it, that last item is the most important. Picture yourself holding your tablet clad in a sophisticated handmade vintage-look leather case. It feels warm, soft, something to curl up with in front of the fireplace, and it makes you look like the distinguished soul that you are. When your coworkers see the leather book-like binding, they won’t know whether you’re reading Kierkegaard or playing games.

And, really, isn’t that the secret to sophistication?