With the release of the iPhone 5s / ios7 – Apple may have grasped the top spot again in the war of the smart phone (or at least so they think they have) ! Sporting their Fingerprint scanners, increased security, IOS7 (after many bug fixes!), Flappy Birds frenzy etc. – it was right up there with the Galaxy S4 .

However along came Galaxy S5 - now a bonafida health gadget with the heart rate monitor! As always the case with Apple –

what’s coming next? Unless they change their traditional announcement of September 2014 – There is a small chance of a special announcement in May / June to steal the show away from Samsung agai.

So we are in Silly season of Cloak and Dagger! Latest rumour comes from 9to5 Mac who have found an "unverified image" showing an iPhone 6 thinner chasis with a larger 5-inch display! Who knows?


Reports from MacRumors, suggested that they "may" be looking to install a 4.8-inch Retina+ IGZO screen made by Sharp! This would make the iPhone 6 display thinner, clearer with Mega HD resolutions.


We all wait with bated breath


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