Google are set to release an enhanced version of their Google Search app in the next few days, which will integrate a voice-activated Google search with a number of Apple devices. The app looks like it will be very similar to Siri, although its functionality will be limited to the abilities to answer questions and perform searches, rather than providing full hands-free functionality for your phone. The video below shows just how well the search app will work, although it will be interesting to see how it copes with regional dialects, which is something that Siri has struggled with.

Google have started to focus more effort on producing apps for the main rival of their Android phones – Apple – and it has recently emerged that Apple will be removing the native iOS YouTube app and Google Maps from their iOS 6 update, that is likely to be released in the Autumn. It has been announced that Google are planning on launching a new YouTube app via Apple's App Store soon.

This will allow Google to have greater control over the YouTube app. This could mean that when you watch YouTube videos on your iPad or iPhone, you will get adverts in the same way you would by accessing the website directly, or there could be a much wider range of videos available. In the meantime we will just have to wait until the Autumn to see what happens.