Embrace Case for E-Readers Compatible with Amazon Kindle 6" E-Ink / paperwhite - Black

Key Features
 Hand-made ereader case made by Tuff-Luv Cases for Kindle 6" E-Ink in black
 Made of our carefully sourced vintage faux leather, a classy item at a low price-point
 Functional and convenient Embrace design, featuring a secure hand strap for secure grip and one-handed control of the device
 Contains secure device harness, secure grip hand strap and magnetic buckle
 Money back guarantee is included with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty (read our T&C for full details)

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  • Tuff-Luv Embrace case for e-readers compatible with Amazon Kindle 4 / 6" E-Ink - Black
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Journey into your choice literature with a high quality Tuff-Luv case, designed to be portable and protective. We design and source our eReader cases for Amazon devices with your reading experience in mind. This is why we've included convenience features that allow you to read longer in comfort, so you can enjoy your book worry-free wrapped in a protective case that is also of high quality.

Our Embrace design is the ultimate in luxury one-handed reading experiences for your Kindle 6" E-Ink! Featuring a hand-band for secure one-handed reading. This band tucks discreetly into the soft interior cover and all but disappears into the neat tailored edges. Unlike other hand-held cases, which require you to stretch your hand over the back of the case, the Embrace case supports a natural one-handed reading position, with easy access to page-turn controls on your device. Bumpy commute? Simply slip a finger through the hole in the strap for additional grip. You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while reading, and never have to set it down to turn the page. The interior features a fine micro-fibre lining to give your Kindle 6" E-Ink that extra care and attention it deserves.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality cases and accessories at affordable prices. You are sure to get more than you pay for with our superior selection of time-tested customer acclaimed products. We know you will be satisfied, and if you ever have any questions or concerns, you can take advantage of our top-notch customer service team to help resolve your issue. We believe that what we offer more than just a case.

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